Hanover 300: A Vision for the Town of Hanover

In 2027, the Town of Hanover will celebrate its third centennial. At 300 years of age, Hanover is a prosperous community offering residents a high quality of life by taking full advantage of its unique assets – commercial districts each with their distinct character and thriving businesses large and small, a network of beautiful open spaces, an exemplary public education system, and state-of-the-art recreational facilities.

Hanover’s historic center serves as the cultural and civic center of the community, accessible to residents of all ages and abilities. Community pride is perpetuated through Hanover Day, the town’s biggest annual event.
Residential neighborhoods offer a welcoming, safe and enriching environment with a variety of housing options – market rate and affordable – for seniors, families and young adults.

New growth in town is thoughtful and conscientious of environmental resources. A reimagined and revitalized Route 53 and Hanover Mall serve as regional destinations for South Shore shoppers and workers. The Route 53 corridor has appropriately-scaled mixed use retail, residential, and office space that attract much needed businesses, jobs, and increased consumer spending in town. The town’s many distinct villages offer residents diverse local options for dining, retail, and services.

Hanover’s renowned public education and up-to-date town facilities continue to attract families, but also provide excellent services and recreational options for residents of all ages and abilities.

Town management is one of the most effective in the South Shore, guided by transparency and accountability in governance. Town government provides excellent public services while protecting natural resources, including water and open space.

Finally, a connected system of well-maintained parks, open spaces, and recreational trails with strong pedestrian and bicycle amenities further contributes to Hanover’s high quality of life by improving residents’ overall health and safety.

Through this Master Plan process and other ongoing community endeavors, this vision of Hanover in 2027 is one of an informed, engaged, and productive community, with a shared vision and commitment to achieving a prosperous and sustainable future.